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Alabama Pediatricians Speak Out for Children
A New Chapter Initiative

Pediatricians are loved and respected in their communities. Citizens often look to them for leadership on a wide range of community issues involving children. The Alabama Chapter seeks to amplify the voice of our pediatricians across the state as spokespersons on children's issues.

There is a wealth of health information available from the national organization of the American Academy of Pediatrics and from other sources that can be shared with our communities through public education efforts by our Chapter pediatricians. In this time where there is much misinformation concerning health issues, pediatricians have the opportunity to increase our profile as credible leaders and spokespersons on the health of children, adolescents, and young adults.

The Chapter office will begin a systematic program of contacts with our Chapter members, supplying them with reference material on various topics, and requesting them to take part in this education effort with editorials to local or regional papers, or with interviews in the public media. If you have a special interest in participating in this project, please contact the Chapter office.