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Pediatric Office Managers' Organization
Alabama Chapter, American Academy of Pediatrics

The Alabama Chapter has begun the process of establishment of a Pediatric Office Managers' organization under the auspices of the Chapter. It is expected that this organization will have great value in promoting communication among pediatric offices, increasing the sharing of information, enhancing office management, promoting child advocacy, and providing continuing education.

A nucleus of pediatric office managers met at the Chapter's Annual Meeting in September, 2001, and developed preliminary guidelines for formation of the organization. A followup meeting in Birmingham in November included a larger group, and made more detailed plans. Mailings will be sent to the offices of all Chapter members soon.

Several state chapters have active pediatric office managers' organizations that have been of great benefit to pediatric office practices as well as an important element in the success of chapter activities. If you are interested in participation in the Alabama Chapter's organization, contact the Chapter office for information.

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